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Live Weather Conditions at Dearborn, Michigan

As of: 11/24/15 11:09p

Live HI Low
Temperature 31.8 40.6 at 2:55p 25.0 at 5:42a
Humidity 94 94 at 6:17a 77 at 2:51p
Dew Point: 30.3 34.0 at 2:37p 23.0 at 5:27a
Wind SSW 0.0 mph 6.0 MPH at 12:25p  

Sunrise: 7:36a     Sunset: 5:05p

10-Day FORECAST for DearbornWeather.com via Weather Underground (National Weather Service)


As of: 11/24/15 11:09p

Temperature: 31.8F Dewpoint: 30.3F
Humidity: 94% Wind Chill: 31.8F
Wind: SSW at 0.0 mph THW Index: 31.7F
Barometer: 30.458 in and Steady Heat Index: 31.7F
Today's Rain: 0.18 in Monthly Rain: 1.77 in
Storm Total: 0.18 in Yearly Rain: 10.26 in
Current Rain Rate: 0.00 in/hr Solar Radiation: 0 W/m
UV: 0.0 index


NWS- National Weather Service FORECAST for DearbornWeather.com


Live Weather is provided via a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus Weather Station.
Data is collected every 1 second and updated here automatically every 1 minute.

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